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Spa Treatments


You love your pet, but hate the shedding?  Our shed-less treatment features a stimulating massaging bath with a gentle, but deep cleaning shampoo and a deep conditioning treatment.  The bath is followed by a forced air drying which assists in releasing shedding coat.  All this is followed by a comb-out using the patented FURminator tool which releases the next stage of shedding hair.  This treatment reduces shedding by 60 - 80 percent.  For best results, this treatment should be scheduled every 4 - 8 weeks.


Some coat problems can be caused by underlying skin issues such as hot spots and dry, flaky skin.  These conditions benefit most from a medicated bath.  This medicated, therapeutic Tea Tree and Aloe Shampoo is the natural answer to dry, irritated skin.  Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and pH-balanced formula, it is perfect for relieving fleabite dermatitis, itching, scratching, dry skin, hot spots and hair loss.  Contains tea tree oil and 30% aloe vera. Safe for puppies over 6 weeks old.


Did you know that fleas and ticks can live in your soil for decades just waiting for the right conditions to come out?  Our Flea and Tick Shampoo kills fleas, ticks, lice, and larvae to control flea problems fast and effectively. Detergent and soap-free formula contains aloe vera to soothe irritated, itchy skin caused by fleabite dermatitis.  Leaves a refreshing mint scent.  Safe for puppies over 12 weeks old.


We offer "pawdicures" for dogs who like extra pampering. Our pawdicure includes trimming/clipping the nails with conventional nail clippers and filing your dogs nails short and round with a hand-held dremmel. This can benefit both you and your dog. Dremmeling the nails allows us to trim the nail as short as possible without cutting the quick. When the nail is filed to the quick without cutting it, the exposed portion of the quick eventually recedes with regular walking so that the nail may be trimmed even shorter the next time they get a pawdicure. Over time, this can help with dogs whose quicks have grown so long that the nails can barely be trimmed.  Not only does dremmeling the nails allow us to get them as short as possible, it also takes off the sharp edges that can scratch you. Having a regular pawdicure is as good for your pet as you!


15 minutes of dematting is included in the base price, but anything over that is extra and dependent on the condition of your dog's coat.  Severely matted dogs will need to be shaved to reduce stress on the dog.


No more messy bathtubs, no more water on the floors and on you, no more broken backs, wet dogs running through the house, no more hair on the walls and in the tub, and worse, in the drain... YUCK!

Our Self Service Pet Wash Facility provides you with:
·         State-of-the-industry bathing equipment, with walk-up ramps
·         Aprons to cover your clothes
·         All-natural shampoo
·         Towels
·         Professional forced-air dryers

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